Youssef + Partners Announces Partnership with Funtasia Foundation

Affiliated with The Elisa Sednaoui Foundation

Youssef + Partners, a leading law firm known for its exemplary legal services, is proud to announce its new pro bono partnership with the Funtasia Foundation, a visionary organization dedicated to transforming the landscape of education and youth empowerment.

Under this partnership, Youssef + Partners will provide comprehensive legal services to the Funtasia Foundation, supporting its mission to nurture life skills and social consciousness in young people across various global communities.

“Together, we amplify the impact and reach new heights in service to those we support.” – Elisa Sednaoui

Elisa Sednaoui, Founder of the Funtasia Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the partnership: “The generous contribution by the remarkable, cutting-edge Youssef + Partners law firm, fortifies the foundation of our Nonprofit and empowers Funtasia to navigate the complexities of our mission of improved life skills education with greater confidence. This collaboration is a testament to the power of community and professional alliances in making a tangible difference. There are many pieces of the puzzle needed to make quality education a reality in every part of our society and to our great country of Egypt. Together, we amplify the impact and reach new heights in service to those we support.”

Karim A. Youssef, Managing Partner of Youssef + Partners, commented on this collaboration: “We are honored to partner with the Funtasia Foundation, an organization whose mission aligns with our core belief that education is a fundamental engine of social and economic development. This partnership not only resonates with our commitment to social responsibility but also allows us to extend our legal expertise beyond the courtroom, contributing meaningfully to the broader community. By supporting Funtasia’s innovative initiatives, we invest in the future of our youth and reinforce the role of legal services in empowering educational and non-profit organizations.”

This partnership marks a significant step for both organizations in their ongoing efforts to foster educational growth and social change. Youssef + Partners is committed to leveraging its legal expertise for the greater good, while the Funtasia Foundation continues to break new ground in educational reform and youth empowerment.

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About Youssef + Partners

Youssef + Partners is a distinguished law firm renowned for its expertise in complex and international arbitration cases. The firm stands at the forefront of legal innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions to a diverse clientele that spans local and international markets. Known for their strategic approach and commitment to excellence, Youssef + Partners specializes in navigating high-stakes legal challenges, earning a reputation as a trusted advisor in critical legal matters. Under the leadership of Managing Partner Karim A. Youssef, the firm not only excels in its legal practice but also demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility, actively engaging in pro bono work and community initiatives that reflect its dedication to contributing positively to society.


About Funtasia Foundation

Funtasia Foundation is an innovative non-governmental organization dedicated to transforming education and empowering youth globally. With a focus on developing life skills and social consciousness, Funtasia operates in countries including Egypt, Italy, the USA, and Mexico, offering unique, hands-on learning experiences that go beyond traditional academic boundaries. Founded by Elisa Sednaoui, the foundation emphasizes creativity and critical engagement, connecting students across cultures and training educators in its forward-thinking approach. Committed to fostering self-confidence and community values, Funtasia has positively impacted thousands of children and educators, driving meaningful change in the realm of global education.

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