Karim A. Youssef Featured in GAR on court judgment on arbitral institutions

Featured in GAR: Egypt’s top court defines arbitral institutions

A recent article by Global Arbitration Review (GAR) featured extensive commentary from Youssef & Partner’s (Youssef + Partners) managing partner, Karim Youssef.

The GAR article looked at the Egyptian Court of Cassation’s recent judgment specifying “the criteria an entity must meet to qualify as a “permanent arbitral institution or an arbitration center”.

Karim Youssef applauded the decision from an “internationalist perspective” as “hands-down, a good decision”.

He concluded that the decision is an “effective response” to issues arising from the Chevron and Saudi Aramco award, which was issued by an arbitral institution that “evidently did not meet the requirements” of the Court of Cassation’s judgment.

He also added that the judgment clarifies one of the most “notoriously unspecific provisions” of Egypt’s arbitration law, which “blurred the distinction between domestic and international arbitration”, highlighting the Egyptian court judgment’s role in ending the ambiguity.


The full GAR coverage can be found here.

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