The Power of Cosmopolitanism

Featured in GAR: A call for cosmopolitanism.
Karim Youssef Demands More Inclusivity and Liberalism for the Future of Arbitration.

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The Greek philosopher Diogenes, who Youssef identified as the first cosmopolitan.

In his highly acclaimed keynote speech at the ICC MENA conference in Dubai, renowned Egyptian arbitration specialist Karim Youssef, CEO of Youssef & Partners (Youssef + Partners), has argued in favor of a cosmopolitan approach, which values the need to look beyond existing conventions and traditional systems of justice. With an increasing demand for international arbitration, it has become even more necessary to think beyond the traditional boundaries of legal practice and make sure that any system of justice is inclusive and efficient in its approach.

Karim A. Youssef argued that

“Cosmopolitanism is the driving force, the true engine, behind the system.”

GAR mentioned that Youssef laid out a clear vision at the conference that arbitration must become more cosmopolitan in outlook to reach its full potential and survive in this ever-changing legal landscape. By recognizing the benefits of a more liberal, inclusive, and universal system, he believes that arbitration can go beyond minimum standards and continue to grow as an effective form of alternative dispute resolution.

He explained that cosmopolitisim is

‘a heightened state of existence… a mindset and a consciousness’ that informs how we approach the daily practice of arbitration including our patterns of appointment.

Now, more than ever, practitioners must understand the importance of embracing cosmopolitanism,as Youssef himself stated, this is the true engine that drives the whole system.

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