How We Do It

How We Do It

How We Do It


We have a distinctive reputation for winning, and our track record of victories speaks for itself. We are praised for the quality of our strategic thinking and we impose our superiority in the hearing room.


We understand our clients’ business very deeply. We interact with them and provide them with supreme legal services. It goes with our cosmopolitan way of doing business. – Karim A. Youssef, Managing Partner


We are the go-to firm for difficult, high-profile and complex cases. Our team handles matters ranging from routinely complex to frequently groundbreaking.


“We handle cases beyond a certain value, we hire from the top one per cent of lawyers, and we win our cases.” – Karim A. Youssef, Managing Partner


When settlement is the best option for our clients, we consistently reach extremely favorable settlements. We work closely with our clients for optimal results and tailor-made solutions.


“Above all else, the firm ensures it takes care of its clients.”– CEO Magazine


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