Our Work

Our Work



Our track record of victories speaks for itself. Recent and high-profile victories for our team include:


  • Complex Commercial Arbitration: We successfully represented exiting shareholders in a major UNCITRAL proceeding in a dispute arising from a partnership agreement of a closely held company incorporated in the UAE and holding multiple companies off shore. The dispute involved amounts in excess of USD 90 million and a number of orders for the specific performance of share sales.
  • Post-Award Court Proceedings: Secured the enforcement of a USD 40 million foreign arbitral award together with interest in Egyptian courts for one of our international clients.
  • Court Proceedings Pending Arbitration: We successfully secured the dismissal of guerilla tactics, in the form of multiples court cases brought by respondents in pending arbitration claims, requesting the termination of the arbitration proceedings based on the alleged expiry of the allowable arbitration term.
  • Favorable Settlement – Complex Commercial Arbitration: We secured a major settlement for a master developer in amounts approximating USD 250 million in a dispute arising from a mega development in an Arab country.
  • Post-Award Court Proceedings: Our litigation team successfully resisted nullification proceedings of two arbitral awards issued in favor of a client in the context of a global multijurisdictional dispute.
  • Complex Commercial Arbitration: The firm’s team represented one of the Middle East’s largest investment companies in two related arbitrations arising in connection with the acquisition of shares in a large group of companies, involving 16 parties, and cross-claims amounting in excess of USD 54 million.
  • Complex Commercial Arbitration: The firm’s team prevailed in favor of a UAE developer in major claims arising from construction works conducted in one of the largest real estate projects off the coast of Dubai.
  • High-Profile Commercial Arbitration: The firm’s team secured a major victory for the CBC Channel in eight-digit arbitration claims against former TV satirist Bassem Youssef and his production company, QSoft, in a dispute arising from the unlawful termination of a contract for the exclusive broadcasting rights of The Show.
  • Commercial Arbitration: The firm’s team successfully represented a global group of companies in the field of supply of electrical power in arbitration proceedings concerning the construction of a cement complex with a Middle Eastern government.
  • Criminal Law & Regulatory Measures: We secured the lifting of unlawful travel ban measures and an asset freeze issued against a high-profile individual and his family in context of a complex cluster of litigations.
  • Criminal Law & Regulatory Measures: The firm’s litigation team was able to secure the setting aside of two criminal judgments involving long-term prison sentences rendered in absentia against an investor. The dismissal ended a long-standing related commercial dispute.
  • High-Profile Post-Award Proceedings: The firm’s enforcement department successfully resisted annulment proceedings of a major award rendered against the Egyptian Postal Service, and prevailed in multiple court proceedings initiated with the intent to obstruct enforcement.


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Our Highlights


Our arbitration and litigation teams handle matters ranging from routinely complex to frequently groundbreaking. Our docket of arbitration and litigation cases reflects that.


  • Investment Treaty Arbitration: We represent global group Cementos La Union in World Bank treaty claims in relation to cement licenses and the cement market in Egypt. (Cementos La Union S.A. and Aridos Jativa S.L.U. v. Arab Republic of EgyptICSID Case No. ARB/13/29)
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration: The firm is involved in investment treaty claims under institutional rules against a French-speaking African State.
  • Claims In the Billion-Dollar Club: We are counsel for major investors in the seaport, construction and supply chain management business in claims against a state entity in relation to the termination of a 40-year concession concerning the BOT of seaport container terminals in a Middle Eastern state, with a value exceeding USD 2.2 billion.
  • Commercial Claims in Excess of USD 300 million: The firm was involved in major commercial claims concerning the sale and delivery of oil with a value exceeding USD 350 million and involving an Middle Eastern oil behemoth and a Middle Eastern sovereign fund.
  • High-Profile Commercial Arbitration Involving More Than Ten Parties: We represent the former shareholders of a mobile phone company in arbitration proceedings arising out of the acquisition transaction that gave rise to one of Egypt’s three mobile operators.
  • Complex Commercial Arbitration: We represent a major multinational in the field of natural gas in a major dispute arising out of a gas supply agreement with a Middle Eastern government entity.
  • High-Profile Commercial Claims Involving The State or State Entities: We are counsel to investors in major commercial claims in what has come to be known as the “Steam Boilers” case. The dispute relates to the judicial unwinding of the Privatization Program of Egypt, which was implemented in the mid-1990s and other Mubarak-era transactions in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.
  • High-Profile Representation: The firm advises a major Middle Eastern airline in relation to a cluster of enforcement and annulment proceedings before Egypt and UK courts.
  • High-Profile Representation & High-Value Commercial Claims: We represent the world’s largest waste management company in complex commercial claims arising from a major city-wide comprehensive waste management contract with a Middle Eastern state.
  • Long-Term Complex Commercial Claims: We represent an Egyptian construction company in claims concerning the failure to pay arising out of a contract for the construction of one of Egypt’s largest water treatment plants.
  • Major Oil & Gas Commercial Arbitration: We represent a major oil and gas corporation in nine-digit arbitration claims related to payments and damages arising from three major oil concessions located in the Middle East.
  • High-Profile Legal Expert Testimony: Karim A. Youssef testified on issues of Egyptian law in the context of a multi-billion-dollar arbitration claim between a global group in the field of the supply of natural gas and a Middle Eastern state.
  • High-Profile Legal Expert Testimony: Karim A. Youssef was retained as legal expert in proceedings concerning a major logistics dispute in one of Egypt’s main eastern seaports between an Egyptian billionaire and one of the world’s largest port management and terminal operator companies.
  • Complex Commercial Arbitration: We represented EM subcontractors in claims arising out of the modernization of a major oil refinery in a Middle Eastern state.
  • Commercial Claims Involving More Than Five Parallel Proceedings: The firm’s team represented a major tourism developer in a cluster of Cairo-based and foreign arbitrations under CRCICA and ICC rules, concerning a large development project in Sinai involving six parties and aggregate claims of more than USD 200 million.
  • High-Profile Commercial Arbitration – Cairo landmarks: The firm’s team represented the owner of one of Cairo’s landmark hotels in a dispute arising out of a management agreement with a multinational hotel group under the UNCITRAL rules.
  • High-Profile Commercial Arbitration – Highest-Rated TV Program in the Middle East: The firm’s team successfully represented the CBC Channel in eight-digit arbitration claims against former TV satirist Bassem Youssef and his production company, QSoft, in a dispute arising out of the unlawful termination of a contract for the exclusive broadcasting rights of The Show.
  • High-Profile Regulatory Litigation: We represent one of the largest heavy industry listed corporations in Egypt in major regulatory litigation.
  • High-Profile Transactional Work: The firm’s team gives strategic and transactional advice concerning the contractual network underlying the establishment of Egypt’s new capital.


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How We Do It


We have a distinctive reputation for winning, and our track record of victories speaks for itself. We are praised for the quality of our strategic thinking and we impose our superiority in the hearing room.


We understand our clients’ business very deeply. We interact with them and provide them with supreme legal services. It goes with our cosmopolitan way of doing business. – Karim A. Youssef, Managing Partner


We are the go-to firm for difficult, high-profile and complex cases. Our team handles matters ranging from routinely complex to frequently groundbreaking.


“We handle cases beyond a certain value, we hire from the top one per cent of lawyers, and we win our cases.” – Karim A. Youssef, Managing Partner


When settlement is the best option for our clients, we consistently reach extremely favorable settlements. We work closely with our clients for optimal results and tailor-made solutions.


“Above all else, the firm ensures it takes care of its clients.”– CEO Magazine


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