We are regional leaders in the international dispute resolution market. We are involved in some of the largest commercial and investment treaty arbitration claims in the Middle East and Africa.

We act as counsel or arbitrators

  • before major arbitration institutions, including the ICC, DIAC, ICSID, CRCICA, IICRA, and PCA
  • in ad hoc arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Rules, and before special tribunals and dispute resolution boards


We also represent our clients in international arbitration proceedings under a wide range of national arbitration laws and seats, including Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Geneva, Paris, London, New York and Rome.

Commercial arbitration

We have one of the greatest shares in the Egyptian market for commercial arbitration and dispute resolution and, unquestionably, the greatest share in the market for large and high-profile cases. The firm is either lead or sole counsel in some of the largest commercial claims in the Middle East and, virtually, in every single large claim in Egypt.

Investment treaty arbitration

We have unique experience in public international law and investment treaty arbitration. The firm taps into the pool of truly international cases and clients, and we single-handedly manage major investment treaty claims.


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