Karim A. Youssef wins 2019 GAR Award for Best Speech

Karim A. Youssef wins 2019 GAR Award for Best Speech

The annual Global Arbitration Review (GAR) Awards were held in Paris last month, recognizing the most significant achievements in international arbitration throughout the year.

Youssef & Partners is delighted and proud that the GAR Award for Best Lecture or Speech went to managing partner Karim A. Youssef for his speech at the Sharm El Sheikh biennial Sharm El Sheikh conference titled Against Stigma: Lessons in Refuting Negative Perception & Self-Reproach from the Arab Spring & the Egyptian Investment Treaty Arbitrations.

In his speech, Karim ‘argued that Egypt’s reaction to the numerous cases it faced following the Arab Spring uprising shows the investor-state arbitration system is working well.

Karim warned against the stigma that looms over investment treaty arbitration and surrounds states exposed to investment claims and investors triggering BIT claims alike, stating that ‘stigma threatens to destabilize a vital global system, which is put in place for the protection of investors and states alike’.

Karim’s speech was selected as the recipient of the GAR award out of a list of nominated lectures delivered by a select few world-renowned arbitration practitioners.